Can we count on NATO for next 100 years

Konferences / 28.09.2018

Piedāvājam noskatīties Rīgas konferences jeb The Rīga Conference 2018 prezentāciju CAN WE COUNT ON NATO FOR NEXT 100 YEARS  (angļu val.).

The founding of NATO is approaching its 70th anniversary. And in today’s political and military environment it is as relevant as it was in 1949. Enhanced Forward Presence is not only a catalyst for transforming Alliance operational effectiveness and interoperability, but also a tool to build brotherhood among soldiers. Strong solidarity among Allies is crucial, especially when responding to challenges the Alliance faces. What strategic decisions do we need to take now to ensure security in the region and a bright future for NATO?

Mr Raimonds Bergmanis , Minister of Defense of the Republic of Latvia 
Mr Raimundas Karoblis, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Lithuania 
Lt.Gen (Ret.) Frederick Benjamin Hodges , Pershing Chair, CEPA and Partner, Berlin Global Advisors, United States 
Prof. Dr Julian Lindley-French, Senior Fellow, Institute for Statecraft, London; Director of Europa Analytica, Netherlands; Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow at National Defense University, Washington DC and Fellow at Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Moderator: Dr. Claudia Major, International Security Senior Associate, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany 
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