Is there a New Agenda for Nordic-Baltic Countries?

Konferences / 30.09.2017

Piedāvājam noskatīties Rīgas konferences jeb THE RĪGA CONFERENCE diskusiju "Is there a New Agenda for Nordic-Baltic Countries?" angļu valodā.

Mr Urban Ahlin, The Speaker, Chair of the Riksdag Board, Swedish Parliament

Mr James Joye Townsend Jr., former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for European and NATO Policy, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Security Program, Center for New American Security

Ms Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe, Future Europe Initiative at Atlantic Council and Secretary General of Swedish Defence Association

Mr Uffe Ellemann – Jensen, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Honorary Chairman, Baltic Development Forum, Denmark 

Moderator: Dr. Bo Lidegaard, Former editor-in-chief of the Danish daily Politiken

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