Space Generation Conference

Konferences / 29.11.2019

This year Latvia is facing a serious decision – to join the European Space Agency as a Member State or not. In a positive outcome, this will open vast opportunities for Latvian citizens.

In support of the decision, the Association of Latvian Space Industry together with the Space Generation Advisory Council hosts the first Space Generation Conference in Latvia for young people under 35 who are interested in Space, Space Exploration, Space Engineering, Space Business, Space Policy and Economics.

Speakers & Topics:Gertrud Talvik (ESA), “Latvia and European Space Agency”
Amara Graps (LU), "Utilization of Space Resources"
Tālis Juhna (RTU), "Biology for space needs"
Pavel Ramzajev (Eventech), "High precision Space Timers"
Kaspars Kalniņš (RTU), "Materials for Space"
Kirill Bystrov (SGAC), "Space Generation Advisory Council in Latvia"

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