Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems

Konferences / 18.09.2017

Pebble pile-up and planetesimal formation at the snow line
Dr Joanna Drazkowska; University of Zurich    

Forming compact planetary systems via type I migration

Dr Tom Hands; University of Zurich    

The part of the core in thermal evolution of super-Earths

Dr Allona Vazan; University of Amsterdam    

Migration of icy objects to forming terrestrial planets

Dr Sergei Ipatov; Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry    

Formation of TRAPPIST-1

Chris Ormel         

Element fractionation in the early solar system: The role of nebular captured H2-envelopes

Dr Manuel Scherf; Austrian Academy of Sciences    

The formation of mini-Neptunes
Dr Julia Venturini; University of Zürich

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