Outer planets systems and Pluto

Konferences / 21.09.2017

Cassini: Going out in a Science-Rich Blaze of Glory
Linda Spilker; Jet Propulsion Laboratory California   

Saturn at Northern Summer Solstice: Thermal Structure during the Finale of the Cassini Mission

Leigh Fletcher; University of Leicester   
Saturn’s stratospheric equatorial oscillation and wave activity through the Cassini epoch

Sandrine Guerlet; Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique   

Titan’s ionosphere: solar cycle and ionization modelling

Oleg Shebanits;    Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala

Seasonal radiative modeling of Titan’s stratospheric temperatures at low latitudes

Bruno Bézard; CNRS - Observatoire de Paris

The seasonal evolution of organic chemistry in Titan’s stratosphere from CASSINI/CIRS

Athena Coustenis A.; CNRS-Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

Nitrogen isotope ratio and its evolution on Titan

Krasnopolsky V.; Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Seasonal Evolution in the Behavior of Titan’s Clouds from Cassini ISS, 2004-2017

Turtle E.P.; Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab.   

The spectral nature of various Titan surface units: implications on the composition

Solomonidou A.;    California Institute of Technology

The Enceladus plume, particle impact ionization and Langmuir Probes: How dusty is the plasma in the plume?

Crary F.; University of Colorado

Resolving the Mass Production and Surface Structure of the Enceladus Dust Plume

Kempf S.; LASP, University of Colorado at Boulder

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