Lunar Science and Exploration Session III

Konferences / 22.09.2017

Science case for Ultra-Long-Wavelength Astronomy from the Moon’s surface and vicinity
Leonid Gurvits; Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC   

The observation and coverage analysis of the moon-based ultraviolet telescope on CE-3 lander
Fang Wang; National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences,BeiJing   

Radio science electron density profiles of lunar ionosphere based on the service module of circumlunar return and reentry spacecraft
Mingyuan Wang; Chinese Academy of Sciences   

Statistical analysis of the magnetization signatures of impact basins
Leila Gabasova; University of Grenoble   

Investigation on the formation of lunar swirls based on Chang’E-1 IIM data
Dawei Liu; Chinese Academy of Sciences   

Magnetization Distribution for the Schlüter P. Lunar Magnetic Anomaly   
Dragos Constantinescu; Institutul de Stiinte Spatiale    

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